Anna Koot 


 As in the care of any piece of fine artwork, keep away from direct sunlight, extreme heat and cold.  If you notice that your piece has become dull, buff with a soft dry cloth.  An old t-shirt works really well.  A wonderful 'glow' will appear.   Enjoy!



 Anna Koot is an encaustic artist residing in St. Marys, Ontario. The rural setting in which she lives continues to influence her work.  After many years of studying a variety of mediums, she has fallen in love with encaustic .    This ancient art form uses natural beeswax, mixed with resin (tree sap) and pure pigment.  The aroma of beeswax fills her studio, as tins of coloured wax are melted to begin another painting.  Heat is a very important element in her process.   The wax is melted, allowing it to be painted onto the surface with brushes, and then repeatedly reheated using her favourite tool, a propane torch.    "Every girl should own one."



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