ANNA KOOT  encaustic artist


   Anna Koot                 Encaustic

My piece is finished.

A heated griddle keeps the pigmented wax liquid and workable. 

 My process.

Using a rubber stamp that I designed to embed my 'signature' into the wax.

Pigment is used to fill in the incised lines. The excess pigment left on the surface is wiped away with vegetable oil and paper towels.

Using a carving tool,  lines can be inscribed into the multiple layers of wax. 

Enough layers of wax have been built up that I can now use pottery tools to scrape the wax, revealing the layers below.

Starting to add some beautiful colour. This layer will need to be fused as well.

Fusing each layer of wax into the layer below. This part of the process is repeated everytime a new layer is added

 Some of the tools I  use      would include:

 brushes, pottery tools, heat  gun, and  or blow torch,

 pure  pigment,  natural  beeswax, a heated  stylus  and  regulator.


Applying the first coats of wax to the birch panel surface.

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